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Standard CVS does not provide a mechansim to really "browse" the repository like many other VCS's do. Click OK. In that case you will notice a significant slowdown in all WinCvs operations even when the disconnected sandbox is not the currently selected browse location! This has the side-effect that the problem also occurs when you upgrade from WinCvs 1.2 to 1.3.x. Check This Out

Just make sure that all filters are deactivated. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. are not traceable via the history command. This file has to be maintained manually by the repository's admin however.

Cvs Server: Cannot Find Module - Ignored

Finance - Get real-time stock quotes http://finance.yahoo.com Next Message by Thread: Check out multiple files in the Windows environment Is there a way to checkout multiple files from different directories in How do I tell when a specific tag was set on a module or file ? When I try to execute commands from WinCvs' console view, I get Traceback [...] NameError: name 'cvs' is not defined What have I done wrong ? http://www.wincvs.org/winhtml/wincvs11.htm (Step by step guide for every function available) 3.

The error message looks something like this: floss$ cvs co -d bwf-misc user-space/bwf/writings/misc cvs server: cannot find module `user-space/bwf/writings/misc' - ignored cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules CVS appears to be All messages from the CVS server are displayed here. Click Commit. Standard CVS keeps no record of merging operations hence it could not be visualized.

What does your setup look like and what is it that you're trying to do, specifically? This view could in theory be composed of many different sandboxes or none at all. Note, that only the last option allows you to test files which have not yet been committed. [Top] [Contents] It's nice that WinCvs remembers all the entries I ever made into Now, in the Python DLL entry, type in the relevant path (it's in the c:\windows\system32\ folder), or use the browse button.

In this case, it was a parent: floss$ ls -ld /usr/local/cvs/user-space/bwf drwx------ 19 bwf users 1024 Aug 17 01:24 bwf/ Don't let that egregiously wrong error message fool you – this abcdef======= Hi there !!! If you intend to use the built in command line interface option, you also need to install Tcl/Tk8.1.1 from www.scriptics.com. 4. The only kind of sticky tag that allows you to commit changes based on it is a branch tag (hence the message).

Cvs [checkout Aborted]: Cannot Expand Modules

As the files are only marked for addition, you have to commit them to enter them in the repository. (For more information see section Committing changes). Most of the above mentioned docs assume that you are already familiar with CVS itself. Cvs Server: Cannot Find Module - Ignored Do I really need to install both ? Cvs Checkout Cannot Find Module Updates the local copy only. ††††††††††† Export Refers to the extraction of an entire module from the repository, without any CVS administrative files.

Sending Changed Files to an Existing Module Right-click on the directory containing the changed files. http://macinstruct.net/cannot-find/windiows-cannot-find.html Note: Before you begin, make sure to get your user-id and password for connecting to CVS. 1. What the heck is going on ? The directory I'm trying to check out isn't readable, or one of its parents isn't readable.

Once the conflict has been resolved, go ahead and commit the changes. (For more information see section Committing changes). The only difference is that instead of removing the sticky tags altogether you update to a different one, namely that of the branch your base revision resides on. [Top] [Contents] I No, the "Tag" column really displays the "sticky tag" of a checked out revision, i.e. http://macinstruct.net/cannot-find/whoami-cannot-find-name.html Replace it with the new one and you're set. [Top] [Contents] What CVSROOT settings should I use for my repository ?

GBiz is too! Latest News Stories: Docker 1.0Heartbleed Redux: Another Gaping Wound in Web Encryption UncoveredThe Next Circle of Hell: Unpatchable SystemsGit 2.0.0 ReleasedThe Linux Foundation Announces Core Infrastructure Click the Checkout module... WinCvs tells me Warning: Using remote (network) drive may cause file system errors and performance decreaseUse local fixed drives for best safety and high performance What are the reasons for this

No, it's not.

in case you are experiencing problems with this setup you cannot expect any help from the (Win)CVS(NT) teams unless you could reproduce the same problem with a local sandbox. WinCvs: Instead there is an additional column "Path" which displays the path information for each file relative to the selected root folder. You can do so either via View|Browse Location|Change... How am I supposed to use the file filters ?

Uninstall the Tcltk package from your Cygwin installation. WinCvs is known to work on recent systems (not on Win95 and WinNT 3.5, except if you installed Internet Explorer 4 or above). It is only enabled when at least one filter mask is currently active. http://macinstruct.net/cannot-find/win-xp-cannot-find-server.html Click Login....

Note that this still does not actually erase the files; they remain in the repository, but CVS marks them as removed. You can configure WinCVS to use an external diff program too. Make sure to unedit the file if you donít intend to check it in by choosing Trace->Unedit selection. 6. WinCVS Daily Use Guide.

Using WinCvs I have got Cygwin 1.5.7 or later installed and WinCvs hangs or crashes right on startup. This will allow users to start WinCvs without crash or hang and then simply go to the preferences to specify a different DLL (on the WinCvs tab of Admin|Preferences. The file mask filter could be combined with all other filters. It also provides rudimentary Checkout functionality.

There are some macros that will manipulate your sandbox data directly, e.g.